Easter with Humanic

Mereu am vazut Pastele ca pe o sarbatoare mai speciala. Pentru mine este genul ala de perioada pe care vreau sa o petrec cu familia, respectand traditii vechi de zeci de si de fiecare data cand se apropie ma cuprinde un fuzzy feeling. Mor de drag gandindu-ma pa cozonacii pufosi proaspat scosi din cuptor, la mesele intinse la care ne strangem cu totii, si aici nu ma refer la familia apropiata. Nono, la noi e totul sau nimic, adica Pastele se face cu bunici iubitori, matusi glumete, unchi vorbareti si verisoare fashioniste si nu as da asta pentru nimic in lume.

Acum sa va zic si cum a decurs Pastele anul asta, in cazul in care erati curiosi. Pentru inceput, am ales sa pregatim bucatele de acasa… Cel putin la capitolul desert, si sa petrecem o zi cu prietenii nostri. Asa, pre-easter. Asta inseamna ca am avut prima ocazie sa luam pe noi cateva haine elegante, si pentru acest moment am ales sa port o pereche de boyfriend jeans rupti, o bluza cu volane si o pereche de tocuri. Si nu orice fel de tocuri. Am ales sa merg intr-un magazin Humanic, unde am rascolit prin colectiile noi, si credeti-ma ca sunt socata ca am reusit sa ma opresc doar la o pereche de sandale, desi in minte mi-au mai ramas cel putin inca 7-8 perechi pe care le-am trecut pe wishlist. Bineinteles ca musafirii m-au prins punand la punct ultimele detalii, inbracata toata de petrecere, dar pun pariu ca nu sunt singura care a patit asta, nu?

Insa Pastele l-am petrecut intr-un loc mai retras, inapoi la origini, intr-un mic sat de la „periferia” Moldovei. Plasat la 7 km de Prut, atat de aproape de granita de nici reteaua nu mai stie exact unde suntem si are tendinta sa intre pe roaming, Avrameniul este un loc unde oamenii sunt simpli, traditiile inca prezente si parca tot ce tine de lumea moderna e lasat de izbeliste, oamenii gasind placerea in traiul fara astfel de artificii. Si mi se pare locul ideal unde poti avea o vacanta perfecta. Fara cluburi, fara masini, fara laptopuri, doar oameni frumosi.

Pentru ca tocurile nu sunt neaparat la locul lor aici, am ales sa port a doua zi de paste ceva mai simplu… Si anume o pereche de balerini de care nu m-am putut dezlipi de cand i-am vazut prima oara in vitrina. Si ati ghicit, erau 1 dintre cele 7-8 perechi mentionate mai sus (incet incet I’ve got to catch them all). Botul ascutit le da un aer fashion fara prea multa bataie de cap, in timp ce beretele de pe glezna iti fac piciorul sa se simta comod si fara riscul de a-ti aluneca. In cazul de fata am ales sa ii port cu o pereche de blugi cu talie inalta si o bluza scurta, dar cu maneci lungi si ample, foarte vaporoasa si care da senzatia ca e petrecuta. Ideal as zice, mai ales ca dupa mesele intinse, am ales sa lasam mancarurile grele la o parte si sa facem o plimbare prin padure, si intr-o poienita am gasit loc si ragaz sa ne asternem si o patura.

Cam asa a decurs Pastele pentru noi… Cu bucurie, modestie dar si cu tinute noi si un strop de eleganta. Voi cum ati petrecut de Paste?

It’s all about the shoulders

Cati dintre noi, in timp ce rasfoiam prin pozele parintilor nostri din perioada lor de glori, nu vedeam 2 elemente aproape constante in fiecare poza? Una era chica (recunosc, aceea nu este pentru mine) si cel de-al doilea este sacoul pe care il purta mama, cu umeri proeminenti, usor masculin insotit adesea de o fusta creion in aceeasi nuanta. In cazul mamei mele, costumul sus mentionat era unul intr-o culoare mustar, din catifea, cu nasturi mari, aurii, la care am ramas cu gandul si acum, si de care probabil as fi profitat acum cu mare patos daca nu mi-ar fi luat-o sora mea inainte.

Si uite asa, in marea de sacouri feminine, cambrate, usor incomode sau prea elegante, incepe sa se intoarca la moda stilul masculin combinat cu notele ale anilor 70-80: umerii aceia exagerati (usor diminuati in prezent). Si pe langa asta, asa cum v-am spus si intr-o postare anterioara, culorile vii sunt „in” in acest sezon iar plictiseala e cu siguranta „out”. Astfel, pentru tinuta de azi am ales sa creez o tinuta in jurul acestui sacou de la. www.womanfashion.ro

Fiind dintr-un material raiat, grosut, este practic piesa perfecta pentru vremea schimbatoare de afara. Pentru a aduce totusi o nota primavarateca in tinuta, am ales sa il port cu o pereche de jeansi boyfriend style rupti si care au pe o parte o broderie foarte faina cu model floral. In picioare am ramas la simplele botine negre insa pentru a scoate tinuta din notele pamantii, am ales ca in loc de geanta sa arunc in talie o borseta intr-o culoare contrastanta cu caramiziul sacoului. And that’s all.

Voi daca ar fi sa furati ceva din garderoba mamei voastre, ce ati alege?

Sacou: woman fashion
Jeansi: H&M
Botine: Epica
Bluza no name
Borseta: musette

What you should know before visiting Amsterdam

Oh, Amsterdam… City of all possibilities. The Gomora of our days. Or is it? I really don’t know how to start this article, mostly because the differences between Amsterdam and any city from my country (Romania, for those of you that don’t already know) are so big that for some of us that visit for the first time this city, it may come as a shock. But let’s cut to the chase and start talking about the important stuff, so here are 10 things that you should know before visiting Amsterdam
1. First and foremost let’s talk about the really important stuff, and the reason that Amsterdam has become such a visited city with more that 1.5 million visitors per year is.. The weed. You already know what I’m talking about or else you wouldn’t be searching for infos about this city, right? (Unless, of course, you are in your 60’s, freshly retired and you want to explore the world while you still can). Here is what you should know: a caffe is not the same thing as coffee shop and this is because the last one has nothing to do with the coffee (honestly I have no idea why they still keep this name.. Probably tradition). At a cafe you can order and drink coffee. At a coffee shop you can order and smoke (or eat, by case) weed. Some of the most well known coffee shops in Amsterdam are The Bulldog (the original coffee shop but many people started complaining about their merch so I would not recommend it necessarily) and The original Dampkring (this I do recommend, for the vibe and all that, and also because you may have the opportunity to sit when Brad Pitt or George Clooney have sat and this is for most of us the closest we will get to them. And also you must try the banana and nutella space cake which is aaaahhh-mazing ( *or so I’ve heard*, but take care how much of it you eat, especially if you have not eaten a space cake in your life). Also, besides these, let’s not forget about the magic shops, where you can buy and eat shrooms, not everyone’s cup of tea.
2. All the cooked stuff that have the word „space” in their name, are probably containing weed but you should totally avoid the prepacked stuff, cause they may contain little to none in their composition (and also don’t try to pass the boarders with such things cause you may remain stuck in a no stars hotels with bars at the windows for some time, but look at the bright side… At least you have the meals assured). So go yet again for the coffee shop space cakes.

3. Red for women, and blue for women that were not women in the beginning. You probably know that I’m talking about: the awesome RED LIGHT DISTRICT. It’s probably something unique in all Europe and it’s also pretty captivating. In Amsterdam pimping is illegal but women can offer paid sexual services. They usually try to lure man by wearing provocative clothes (but they are not allowed to be naked or show their private parts or they may get a fee of several hundred euros.) If the curtains are closed, they are already working and the little thing I said in the beginning is about the light: you can recognize the working women by the fact that in front of the windows they have a red or blue light. If it is red, they were born women. If it it blue or variations (purple let’s say), they are probably not women at their origins so you will know what to expect.
4. Also do not try to film or take photos in the red light district, as many of the working ladies don’t want their real job to be disclosed and they can be quite aggressive in trying to stop you doing so. (Plus it’s really not cool to take photos of any person without their consent so stop being an a**hole)

5. Beware of the pickpocketers. And not only on the streets. If you feel that you may be safe in a restaurant, you’ll find out that this is not the case. Many pickpocketers act when you feel the safest and one of their favourite move is robbing you when you are eating your lunch/diner in peace. They often travel in groups, will sit at a table behind you, will not order anything for 10 minutes then all of the sudden they will calmly sit up and leave and you will not suspect anything until you’ll have to pay the check and will find out that you have no more euros in your wallet. They often go only for the money, not phones, cards or other electronics and also many of them leave the ID documents in place so at least they have this decency.

6. If you really don’t like to pay in cash, at least pay attention and make sure that you have a maestro card, because in many places visa cards or mastercard are not accepted and they may be declined( I understood that they see them as credit cards and in the Netherlands credit cards are a rare find, I guess)
7. Also about the money, make sure that you have 50’s, 20’s and 10’s bills as 100 and 5 hundred euro bills are a rare find and are declined at many restaurants or shops.
8. Please but please try the freshly made stroopwaffles. Amsterdam may not have many traditional foods but the fricking stroopwaffles are the s**t, especially when they are freshly baked and the caramel oozes out of them. My mouth is watering only thinking about them.

9.It’s all about the online, so buy the tickets to the main attractions ( like the Heineken experience) online to skip the long queues. Trust me, you will thank me later

10. Beware of the cyclists. In Amsterdam cars are almost a rarity, which is awesome but at the same time you should really pay attention to the persons on bicycles as they have priority, and they won’t stop if they see you so you could get hurt really bad really fast.

I guess that this will be all for the moment. I really hope that you enjoyed this article and hope to hear from you if you have any other things to add. Kisses , your moldavian girl