Specialty Coffee Shops in Bucharest

Specialty Coffee  Shops in Bucharest

I don’t know if you know, but lately Bucharest has become the coolest place where you can enjoy a great cup of specialty coffee with more that 50 specialty coffee shops ( and still counting), so if by any chance you come to Bucharest and you are a coffee lover, you must take your time to enjoy a cup ( or two- three, who is counting?). So, to make your job easier, I’ve come up with a list of my favorite specialty coffee shops in Bucharest depending on the area.

So, in the IZVOR-CISMIGIU area, is one of the “oldest” and greatest specialty coffee shops: Origo, but also you can try

  • Bandit Specialty coffee
  • Beans & Dots

On CALEA VICTORIEI or near it we can find:

  • Artichoke social house
  • Saint Roastery
  • Sloane Coffee
  • Cascara Coffee
  • Steam
  • French revolution, where you must also stop and try one of their eclairs ( they are simply amazing)

In the UNIVERSITATE area we can drink a very good coffe at:

  • T zero specialty coffee shop
  • Ivy
  • Coftale
  • 20gram Coffee roasters

The PIATA ROMANA area has:

  • Ototo store ( where you can also buy freshly roasted beans from 7 roasteries in bucharest and also great craft beer like Hop Hooligans si Ground Zero)
  • Orygyns
  • Guido

In the IANCULUI- MUNCII area ( where is also the grand arena) we can find:

  • Coffee ink
  • Nomonym <3
  • Boiler coffee shop

In the TIMPURI NOI area are:

  • Grain Trip, where you can also buy freshly baked bread
  • Trofic

The AVIATORI- PRIMAVERII area has one of the greatest variaty of coffee shops like:

  • Bob coffee lab
  • Steam ( again)
  • Mad.goat coffee shop
  • Garage cafe- specialty coffee shop

On CALEA DOROBANTI and close to it we can find:

  • Fruidisiac
  • Coffee map roastery
  • Two minutes
  • Dose cafe
  • Onest coffee


  • Zissou


  • Drip coffee shop

At AUREL VLAICU we have:

  • Beans & dots

Also, the list is open and I will continue to complete it as I discover new coffee shops in Bucharest. I hope this article is useful for you and that you will enjoy your stay here <3